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2022. „The Nuclear Dimension of the War in Ukraine”. Center for Militær Studier, University of Copenhagen. Online:


2022. „Civil-Military Relations and Global Security Governance”. NIAS Book Podcast. Online:



Live Broadcast, C-Span TV

2019. Book Launch “What Does Brexit Mean for Transatlantic Relations” at Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.:


Newspaper Articles

2020. „Sicherheitspolitik im euro-atlantischen Raum nach dem Brexit“. In: Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Online:



2020. Brexit opens up a Pandora’s box of security, defence, and foreign policy issues. London School of Economics. London.


2018. Europäische Streitkräfte im Wandel: Europäisierung oder Natoisierung? Offiziere Blog - Security Policy. Armed Forces. Media. Zürich.


2017. The Soldier and the State 2.0. Assessing SSR Mechanisms to Achieve Democratic Civilian Control. DCAF-ISSAT. Geneva.

Expert Evidence


2019. Evidence on ‘Future Challenges to European Security and Defence Policy’ – Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence at the Irish Senate, Dublin, Ireland, 09 May.


2023. NATO Nuclear Policy Symposium, invited by NATO Defence Policy and Plans Division. Lissabon, 26-28 September.

2021. ‘Military Change and Transformation’. Symposium on the Future of the Defence Forces, invited by the Irish Commission of the Defence Forces, virtual, 07 April.

2021. ‘Theories of European Security Integration and Brexit’. Webinar ‘Has Integration Failed?’ (with Tanja Börzel), invited by the German Institute for Democracy and Development, virtual, 12 March.

2020. ‘Civil-Military Relations and Great Power Competition’. Launch of Defence Forces Review, invited by Dublin City University and Irish Defence Forces, virtual, 03 December.

2020. ‘Adaptation in International Security Organisations’. Expert Symposium on the Future NATO Capstone Warfighting Concept, invited by the Allied Command Transformation, Norfolk and HCSS, Hague, virtual, 30 June.

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